Alpha 0.4 Release

It's time for an update!  I know I said last update would be the final alpha build but then 6 months of quarantine happened. After several breakthroughs I figured it would be best to put out an update with the new mechanics now so they can be iterated and polished for a beta release. Take a look, play the game and most importantly, let me know what you think! 

  • Films are now saved as one single combined GIF!
  • Career mode with unlockable Props
  • Added Tension as a Fear multiplier that decays over time
  • New AI behaviors for fleeing, wandering, tool use
  • Added new Spotlight Prop. Very bright and adds Tension but Campers tend to turn them off
  • Fog Machine and Fireworks now add Tension
  • New default Player color
  • Renamed Birds-Eye-Cam to Hidden Cam 
  • Added unlimited funds as an option in Sandbox mode
  • Added empty level as an option in Sandbox mode
  • Competitor Studios can now merge with and take over other studios
  • Campers can now play guitar and dance to music from radios
  • Many new possible Camper clothes / hat / accessory combinations
  • Dogs can now chase the wildlife 
  • Many visual improvements to Props, textures, particles, and UI
  • Significant sound re-design with new Camper voices, footsteps, snoring, UI, and filming sounds
  • Camper voice pitch is now randomly assigned
  • Fame earn rate and Funds tweaked
  • Tons of optimizations and bug fixes!

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Sep 23, 2020

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