Alpha 0.3 Release

Hello Folks!

After about a year of work, I'm happy to release the final alpha build! Reworks to the core gameplay and graphics took time but are now in a good position to move forward to the beta. The feedback from the last demo was crucial in deciding which parts of the game needed work and which aspects were in a good place. I'm still looking for feedback on the gameplay loop so if you download and play make sure to submit your thoughts here or in-game. Thanks for checking out the game!

  • Added film reshoots. Players can reshoot a film with the same "cast".
  • Added dogs. Will follow campers around, bark and alert campers to the player's actions. Player can pet doggo.
  • Revamped studio / films UI. Added film count to competitor UI
  • Controller support
  • Added preview when placing or moving cameras
  • Costumes can now be dropped, swapped, and deleted.
  • All new input system, smoother controls
  • Added new building: Large tent
  • New settings menu with many new settings such as vSyc, antiAlias
  • Cabin lights can now be turned off by the player or vacationers
  • Updated visuals for all cameras
  • Added Bird's eye cam for top down film shots
  • Added automatic zoom for tracking cameras
  • Updated visuals for campers and Player
  • Updated visuals for trees
  • Improved camper AI
  • Wander-bot will now return to it's starting position
  • Added more particle effects to campfire
  • Campers will now leave if there is no bed on the property when they want to sleep
  • Added ability to turn off gameplay hints in the settings
  • Added film sequels
  • Campers now eventually become afraid of locations
  • Background trees now span the entire property
  • Campers now drive down the road to the player's camp rather than spawn on the property
  • Updated build prop UI and icons
  • Prop outline while placing contraptions will now change to orange when placing in open areas
  • Improved visual feedback for moving inventory
  • Improved visual feedback for camper suspicion.
  • Increased maximum allowed camper courage
  • Increased minimum camper field of vision
  • Increased in-game day length
  • New UI for starting a new game
  • Huge amount of bug fixes and optimizations

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Apr 18, 2020

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